Monday, March 16, 2009

Nuagis New Age Station


This piece was first written while editing a video of last summer's vacation to Bohol for YouTube and that was on October 26, 2008. Those desriptive lines were really meant as subtitles for my "surrealistic" kuno video when I also began noticing the words coming out from my head were actually poetry... and funny, I wasn't even having difficulty doing it when poetry was never my cup of tea (".)

Liner from the orginal YouTube version:

"There wasn't much to do this afternoon, after work, so I end up putting together a video of my favorite hometown - while heating up this week's leftovers for a late lunch - and decided to put some poetry to it as I went along. Funny how some thoughts/ideas came to be, unafraid of how I was going to formulate it in it's final form. What the heck, five minutes was all I had (wink!)"

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