Monday, March 16, 2009

Tagbilaran's Dying Meadows


by J. Roel Lungay

Rising new residential homes...
gave rise to Cabawan's dying meadows.

She was once a beautiful vegetation and forest land
that was home to age-old miniature creatures -
the tarsiers - arguably the smallest primates there are,
and other rare species as well that are unique to Bohol...

She was primed for raising and grazing the Filipino's best friend,
not dogs but the strong and tenaciously industrious water buffaloes -
the kabaw - who tilled his farmland.
Hence, probably the name Cabawan...

Our public apologies to mother nature
for the sake and benefit of man's shelter
and better living conditions, if at all acceptable...

With much trepidation, we thank you!

Fro 10/28/08

To view video of this poem click here: Tagbilaran's Dying Meadows

To download poem in PDF click here: TDM


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