Monday, March 16, 2009

Friendship Greet - Visitors Information CTR

I always find it amazing when someone travels the great abyss of the information superhighway and for some reason lands at our little asteroid planet among many others in this vast universe of virtual creation. I wouldn’t want for any reason to miss that opportunity to greet and thank you for this surprise and unlikely visit even if invisibility is always between us, much less the chance to exchange an eye-to-eye-heart-to-heart personal experience with you. But here's the least I could do for you: extend a heartful welcome to Tagbilaran City Dream Poetry, where dream and reality are but a moment away. Our hope is that you keep us in your thoughts and not mind visiting us again in the future and check what we've got here. Thanks again! (Fro)

My Tagbilaran City

Written by J. Roel Lungay & Romeo C. Mascariñas

It feels like a dream
A quiet I couldn't quite figure out just yet
A moment of silence that is
On a journey I know not the direction.

Peoples and machines moving thoughtlessly
in all direction -
No visible footsteps nor clear faces -
Nothing seems to make sense
Much like waking up at dawn for no reason at all.

The serenity just drowns on top of silence -
Silence incensed with movements -
I wonder if the gods have something to do
with all these
Quite precious it seems
I'm almost like sleepwalking.

This I conclude, I must be awake!
I must be home!
I must be where I need to be!
And want to be!
Where I dreamt to be...
And love to be...

Not sleeping but awake!

My Tagbilaran City!

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